ABI ? 4458441 ? resDNASEQ? 定量 NS0 DNA 试剂盒

The resDNASEQ? Quantitative NS0 DNA Kit is a quantitative PCR (qPCR)-based system for the detection of host cell DNA from NS0 (murine myeloma) cells, an expression system commonly used for the production of vaccines. Reliable and rapid, the resDNASEQ? system enables sensitive (as low as 1.5 pg DNA/mL test sample) and specific quantitation of NS0 cell DNA. This performance helps ensure a high degree of confidence in quantitation data obtained from a broad range of sample types, from in-process samples to final product, whether the sample contains high molecular weight or sheared DNA.





No. of Reactions

100 次反应

PCR 方法





Assay Kit only









Unit Size

100 reactions

Features of the?resDNASEQ Quantitative NS0 DNA Kit include:
? Highly sensitive quantitation using proven TaqMan? real-time qPCR technology
? Consistent performance across the expected range of DNA fragment sizes
? Integrated system includes sample preparation kit, master mix, TaqMan? primer/probe mix, and NS0 genomic DNA standard

This kit is?available?with or without sample preparation reagents in the form of a PrepSEQ? Residual DNA Sample Preparation Kit, which is optimized for highly efficient residual DNA recovery from complex mixtures of proteins, buffers, and salts.

The resDNASEQ? Quantitative NS0 DNA Kit is designed to provide highly sensitive detection of NS0 DNA, allowing you to use small sample volumes to generate accurate results. The broad linear range of TaqMan? real-time qPCR technology allows you to test samples with variable levels of NS0 DNA in the same assay, such as in-process samples with higher amounts of DNA or bulk drug substance with very low amounts.

Easy to use, results in under 4 hours
The easy workflow of the resDNASEQ? Quantitative NS0 DNA Kit consists of sample preparation, assay setup, and instrument run and data analysis—all of which you can perform in under 4 hours. Start by extracting DNA from your in-process purification and drug substance samples. Then perform qPCR analysis to compare the amount of NS0 DNA in your test samples to a standard curve generated with known amounts of purified NS0 genomic DNA standard. The resDNASEQ? system includes almost everything you need to carry out these steps, from sample preparation kit to master mix to TaqMan? primer/probe mix to NS0 genomic DNA standard, as well as step-by-step instructions.

Specific to NS0 DNA, no cross-reactivity with unrelated DNA
The target of the assay is highly specific—it only detects a NS0-specific region of a multicopy genetic element. We selected this region using extensive bioinformatic analysis of multiple related and unrelated species.

Consistent performance even with fragmented DNA
For accurate quantitation of residual NS0 DNA, assay results must be unaffected by the size of the DNA molecules present in the test sample. With the resDNASEQ? system you get consistent assay performance across a range of DNA fragment sizes.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.