Thioflavin T ( Basic Yellow 1) 硫黄素T(碱性黄1)


Thioflavin T ( Basic Yellow 1) 硫黄素T(碱性黄1)


Thioflavin T硫黄素T;Basic Yellow 1 碱性黄1;Thioflavin S 硫黄素S;Amyloid plaques 淀粉样斑块;βsheet; CAS NO:2390-54-7;


产品名称 产品编号 规格 价格(元)
Thioflavin T ( Basic Yellow 1)硫黄素T(碱性黄1) MX4464-1G 1g 180
Thioflavin T ( Basic Yellow 1)硫黄素T(碱性黄1) MX4464-5G 5g 380
Thioflavin T ( Basic Yellow 1)硫黄素T(碱性黄1) MX4464-25G 25g 1080


硫黄素T(Thioflavin T),又称为碱性黄1(Basic Yellow 1),是一种具细胞膜渗透性的苯并噻唑染料,常用来鉴定样本内淀粉样纤维的存在与否。一旦与淀粉样纤维结合后荧光信号明显增强,结合后引起最大激发波长(385nm→450nm)和最大发射波长(445nm→482nm)的迁移。硫黄素T能用来监测堆积的β折叠,也能用来组织学和蛋白质鉴定。


1) CAS NO.:2390-54-7

2) 化学名:4-(3,6-Dimethyl-1,3-benzothiazol-3-ium-2-yl)-N,N-dimethylaniline chloride

3) 同义名:Basic Yellow 1; C.I. 49005; ThT; 碱性黄1;硫代磺素T;硫代黄色素 T;

4) 分子式:C17H19ClN2S

5) 分子量:318.86

6) 纯度:≥97%

7) 外观:黄色粉末

8) 溶解性:溶于DMSO、DMF、H2O(5mg/ml)

9) 化学结构式:





1、文献来源:Khurana R et al. Mechanism of thioflavin T binding to amyloid fibrils. J Struct Biol. 2005 Sep;151(3):229-38.

示例1:使用ThT的通用实验技术。a) Structure of ThT (top). The two planer segments of ThT whose mutual rotation defines chirality are also shown (bottom).(b) Early histology using Thioflavin-T to stain primary kidney amyloid.(c) TIRF microscopy image of branched glucagon fibrils stained with ThT.(d) Characteristic increase in ThT upon binding to amyloid fibrils.(e) Fibrillization kinetics of increased concentrations of a fibril-forming peptide. The rapid onset of fibrillization induced through seeding is also shown.

2、文献来源:Huang DS et al. Protective Effects of Wogonin against Alzheimer’s Disease by Inhibition of Amyloidogenic Pathway. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2017;2017:3545169.

Thioflavin T Assay(in solution):The freshly prepared Aβ42 peptides (20 μM) with/without wogonin (10 μM) were added in a 100 μL sample containing 50 mM glycine and 40 μM Thioflavin T. The samples were loaded in a 96-well plate and florescent intensity of each sample was measured by excitation of 440 nm and emission of 490 mm every 30 min at 37°C for 16 hours.

3、文献来源:Marathe S et al. Jagged1 Is Altered in Alzheimer’s Disease and Regulates Spatial Memory Processing. Front Cell Neurosci. 2017 Aug 9;11:220.

Jagged1 expression in brains and CSF of AD patients. Representative double fluorescent immunolabelings for Jagged1 (green) and Notch1 (red) counterstained with Thioflavin-T or DAPI (blue) on postmortem brain sections comprising the hippocampal CA fields from healthy age-matched controls and AD patients (A-C). In the healthy controls, Jagged1 is localized to the somata of neurons where also Notch1 is expressed. As expected, Thioflavin-T labeling is negligible (A,A′). AD sections show fibrillary aggregates (B,B′) and (C,C′) core plaques double positive for Notch1 and Thioflavin-T. [Misfolded β-sheets were stained with Thioflavin-T at a concentration of 100 mM diluted in water]


1) 荧光染料均存在淬灭问题,请尽量注意避光,以减缓荧光淬灭。

2) 为了您的安全和健康,请穿实验服并戴一次性手套操作。