PALL CL2PRTP1S 除病毒预过滤膜包

Pilot-scale for small volume manufacture

and scale-up confirmation

Pall Pegasus Protect virus prefiltration membrane is tailored to provide protection to

Pegasus Prime virus filters and to deliver the highest level of robust filter performance in

more challenging process fluids. The combination of Pegasus Protect and Pegasus Prime

filters increases throughput and leads to a reduction in processing costs by a reduction in

virus filter sizing and processing times.

For small clinical batches, this (CL2PRTP1) is our smallest available pharmaceutical

grade Pegasus Protect virus prefilter, that is to be used with our smallest pharmaceutical

grade Pegasus Prime virus filter (NP1LUPRMP1S), maintaining a constant area ratio between

prefilter and virus filter throughout all scales, from process development to small scale and

full scale production.