TAMRA alkyne,5-isomer,CAS:945928-17-6



其它名称:5-TAMRA alkyne


CAS NO:945928-17-6


分子量:467.52 g/mol

溶解性:Soluble in DMSO

含 量:95%+

外 观:固体粉末




The red-fluorescent tetramethylrhodamine alkyne can be reacted with azides via a copper

catalyzed click reaction. Click chemistry describes a class of chemical reactions that use

bio-orthogonal or biologically unique moities to label and detect a molecule of interest using

a two-step procedure. The two-step reaction procedure involves a copper-catalyzed triazole

formation of an azide and an alkyne. Click reactions have several characteristics: the reaction between the detection moieties is efficient; no extreme temperatures or solvents are required; the reaction product is stable; the components of the reaction are bioinert; and perhaps most importantly, no side reactions occur – the label and detection tags react selectively and specifically with one another. Unlike traditional chemical reactions utilizing succinimidyl esters or maleimides that target amines and sulfhydryls – functional groups that are not unique – click chemistry-labeled molecules can be applied to complex biological samples and be detected with unprecedented sensitivity due to extremely low background.

5-Carboxyfluorescein diacetate N-succinimidyl ester 150206-05-6
5-Carboxyfluorescein 76823-03-5
FAM amine, 5-isomer 2183440-41-5
FAM azide, 5-isomer 510758-23-3
5-FAM DBCO 1384485-04-4
FAM hydrazide, 5-isomer 2183440-64-2
5-FAM Maleimide 787632-00-2
5-FAM tetrazine 1402432-77-2
5-FITC Biotin 134759-22-1
5-FITC-DBCO 2054339-00-1
Fluorescein-PEG3-NH2 1807539-04-3
Flurescein-PEG4-COOH 1807518-76-8
5-FITC-Tetrazine 2264035-11-0
5-FITC-4-Biotin-4 1032732-74-3
5-FITC-C2-amine 75453-82-6
5-FITC-PEG3-azide 1402745-37-2
5-FITC-PEG4-alkyne 1927884-65-8
1,3-Etheno-2H-isoindole-2-pentanoic acid, 1,3-dihydro-δ-oxo-, 2,5-dioxo-1-pyrrolidinyl ester 1644227-74-6
(2E)-TCO-OH 1414375-00-0
2(E)-TCO-PNB ester 1580501-97-8
(2-pyridyldithio)-PEG2-t-butyl ester 2144777-73-9
(2-pyridyldithio)-PEG4-alcohol 851961-99-4