Hampton 带磁力底座 CrystalCap™, with Vial

Hampton HR4-733 带磁力底座 CrystalCap™, with Vial




SSRL style sample mount for cryocrystallography

CrystalCap attaches magnetically to CrystalCap Vial and Magnetic Goniometer Base

Conical shape with ledge compatible with SSRL style grippers, auto mounters and sample handlers


CrystalCap & Vial


The CrystalCap is a magnetic sample mount (also known as a cap, pin or goniometer base) designed for cryocrystallography systems that accept SSRL style sample mounts. The CrystalCap attaches to a magnetic CrystalCap Vial and Magnetic Goniometer Base. The tip of the CrystalCap accepts a Mounted CryoLoop™ or MicroTube™ fitted with a CryoLoop™.

The CrystalCap Vial is a 1.8 ml cryo vial featuring two small vents. A ring magnet is molded into the open end of the vial so that when the cap is positioned in the vial, the ring magnet holds the cap on the vial during cryogenic storage.The HR4-904 CrystalCap Vial does not have a magnet on the bottom of the vial.

The conical shape with ledge is compatible with SSRL style grippers, auto mounters and sample handlers.

Compatible with the following Synchrotron Radiation Beamlines

North & South America
• The Advanced Light Source, Berkeley, California ALS 4.2.2, ALS 11.3.1, ALS 12.2.2, ALS 12.3.2
• The Advanced Photon Source, Argonne, Illinois APS 14-BM-C BioCARS, APS 14-ID-B BioCARS
• Cornell High Energy, Synchrotron Source, Ithaca, New York CHESS A1, CHESS F1
• Canadian Light Source, Saskatchewan, Canada, CLS 08ID-1, CLS 08B1-1
• Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Menlo Park, California SSRL BL7-1, SSRL BL9-1, SSRL BL9-2, SSRL BL11-1, SSRL BL12-2, SSRL BL14-1

Asia & Australia
• Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Shanghai, China SSRF BL17U1
• National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan NSRRC BL13B1, NSRRC BL13C1
• Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Pohang, South Korea PAL 2D, PAL 5C, PAL 7A
• Photon Factory, Tsukuba, Japan PF BL-5A, PF BL-17A, PF AR-NW12A
• Super Photon ring-8 GeV, Japan SPRING-8 BL12B2, SPRING-8 BL24XU, SPRING-8 BL26B1, SPRING-8 BL26B2, SPRING-8 BL32B2, SPRING-8 BL32XU, SPRING-8 BL38B1, SPRING-8 BL41XU, SPRING-8 BL44B2, SPRING-8 BL44XU

HR4-733 CrystalCap with Vial – 60 pack
HR4-902 CrystalCap without Vial – 60 pack
HR4-904 CrystalCap Vial Vial only – 30 pack