Hampton HR4-811 Micro-Tools Set

Hampton HR4-811 Micro-Tools Set

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Precision instruments for crystal manipulation


Made from chemical-resistant hardened tool steel
Interchangeable tools tips
Set includes wooden storage case

Micro-Tools Set

Micro-Tools Set

Micro-Tools™ are the smallest available precision instruments for laboratory use. These tools are realistically proportioned for macromolecular and small molecule crystallization work. The high quality, precision Micro-Tools ease microscopic manipulations. The eight specifically engineered Micro-Tools are useful in a variety of applications in the crystallization lab. Eight tools, a handle and wood storage box.

Micro-Tools are designed to be versatile as well as useful for specific crystallization manipulations. For example, the Micro-Scale is very useful for measuring crystal dimensions as well as serving as a way to record the dimensions by photography for reference or publication. The Micro-Chisel and Micro-Spade are helpful for separating and splitting blade and whisker clusters during seeding or mounting. The Micro-Prober and Micro-Needle come in handy when probing precipitate or when manipulating small or large crystals for seeding as well as during mounting. The Micro-Spatula can be used to move crystals as well as split single crystals or clusters. The Micro-Scraper is helpful when working with very small crystals.

The Micro-Tools Set is indispensable during crystal observation, manipulation, seeding, and mounting. The set includes a single anodized aluminum handle which holds each of the eight unique tips, all supplied in an attractive alderwood instrument case. The case provides protective storage of the Micro-Tools as well as a convenient carrying case.

The tips are constructed from hardened tungsten steel and are resistant to most common reagents used for crystal growth. The threaded tool tips are easily interchanged with the threaded aluminum handle. Then overall length of the handle only is 120 mm. The diameter of the tool shaft is 0.25 mm – 0.5 mm (0.01 – 0.02 inches). The actual dimension at the very tip of the tool will vary with the particular tool design.

HR4-811 Micro-Tools Set each
HR4-813 Micro-Scale each
HR4-815 Micro-Spade each
HR4-817 Micro-Prober each
HR4-819 Micro-Scraper each
HR4-821 Micro-Chisel each
HR4-823 Micro-Knife each
HR4-825 Micro-Spatula each
HR4-827 Micro-Needle each
HR4-829 Micro-Tool Handle each
HR4-831 Micro-Tools Carrying Case each